Saturday, August 29, 2015

Microcement: a new way to create livable modern art

I love exposed concrete -- raw, stained, coated, polished, you named. It is the perfect canvas for a modern remodel because of its versatility, ease of use and maintenance, and because it is a relative bargain compared to other hard decorative surfaces usually used to achieve a modern style home design. And for those of us who live in warm and dusty places the added bonus is its thermo-deterent qualities and hypoallergenic attributes. All and all a go-to option.

Stained concrete with high gloss (Source:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Skin Sinner

Where Professional Models Meet Model Photographers - ModelMayhem

Skin Sinner / / JT-Photography // Make up artist: Madilon Du Bois/ /

It is 7:30 A.M in Los Angeles and the temperature is already in the very very high 70s with what feels like 100% humidity. I know, perhaps, the folks down in Miami or other truly tropical weather spots will scoff at this, but we are simply not accustomed to this kind of humid heat spell in West L.A.. So, I found solace in these fantastic monochrome photography that just sizzle and yet ooze the coolness of a breezy night on the beach ... but for the moment I have to settle for a very powerful fan ...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fall makeup trends: yellow

(ripped) model -martina spuzevic
(ripped) model -martina spuzevic from

I looked in my closet this morning and realized that I have to get busy transitioning for fall. Grrr.! Two things I find extremely depressing: the end of summer (OK, we are not there yet but those thoughts are starting to steer up) and evaluating my closet. The conversion of both this morning was a bad start to the day but I turned it around by thinking about my favorite fall trend: Yellow makeup details!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Easy Tricks for a Modern Bedroom Revamp

It seems inevitable that when we try to refresh or revamp our homes on a budget we always blow the meager amount we have dedicated to such endeavor on either the bathroom or the living room. My experience is that people tend to leave the bedroom untouched. Perhaps the rationele is that one does not spent much time there, so what's the rush. Ney, ney I say! You may not spent much of you awaken hours in the bedroom but boy! do you need a good and restful sleep. Think about the occasions you have spent in a luxury hotel.You can't wait to go to bed to enjoy that incredible looking fluffy inviting bed. And odds are that if you think about it, you probably would agree that the best night sleep you have ever had was is one such hotel bed. So here is how to completely remodel your bedroom on a budget and yet give it a luxurious modern sleek feel.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Modern Deconstructed Goth: Barbara Congini SS2016 Collection

Best of Copenhagen FashionWeek 2015
Copenhagen FashionWeek 2015 is over and it showed one of the most interesting avant-garde collection of the summer. Barbara I Congini from Denmark is a truly inspirational designer. Since 2005 she has established a stellar reputation for dark deconstructed layering and sustainability, but with her Spring 2016 collection she has finally produced a more approachable and wearable fashion. Don't get me wrong I am in awe of her artsy slashed, twisted, cocooned layering straddling the lines between goth and post apocalyptic vision of a doomed society. But the SS2016 collection is a truly creative one reminiscent of McQueen himself. It is more polished, more sophisticated, and more inclusive.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Food Dish or Pure Art

Home decor
Credits: unknown; found at

I am not obsessed with food, although if you are to casually peruse this blog or look into my 'my items' in my polyvore page you probably would think otherwise. I also do not have the excuse of being a cook or even remotely a good one. In fact I cannot even prepare a descent meal to save my life. But with all the great restaurants around L.A. and food delivery services it is not a hardship just a major shortcoming.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Decorate with modern pastels: the Kenneth Cobonpue Parchment furniture collection

decorate with modern pastels

I am not big on pastels but this Parchment collection by Kenneth Cobonpue is fantastic.

Best of Couture Fall 2015: Atelier Versace

Best of Couture Fall 2015: Atelier Versace

Couture Fall 2015 as a whole was a bit disappointing: minor tweaks to old go-to trends that resulted in display of beauty and glimpse at what we will be seeing on the red carpet but nothing earth shattering. With few brights exceptions. And for me Atelier Versace was by far the best. Perhaps because of the message Donatella Versace was sending:  “I call the collection tough, but ethereal at the same time,” various media reported Versace to have said after the show.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Decorate with Plants

I love tropical foliage and lush greens and jungle like greenery -- it is beautiful, exotic, and yes the more unruly, the better.

Sunlight in the Jungle  (source unknown found on Pinterest)