Saturday, August 29, 2015

Microcement: a new way to create livable modern art

I love exposed concrete -- raw, stained, coated, polished, you named. It is the perfect canvas for a modern remodel because of its versatility, ease of use and maintenance, and because it is a relative bargain compared to other hard decorative surfaces usually used to achieve a modern style home design. And for those of us who live in warm and dusty places the added bonus is its thermo-deterent qualities and hypoallergenic attributes. All and all a go-to option.

Stained concrete with high gloss (Source:

polished and then acid stained concrete (Source

microcoated exposed concrete (Source:!Floral-Design/zoom/c1k7w/image_1bvq)

I am especially excited about a relatively new innovation in this field (or at least new to me)  which allows for the creation of art-in-hard-surfaces on concrete, for both interior and exterior use, called  microcement. It is a  new technology which allows the imprinting of patterns and forms into a microcement coating that could be applied to any hard stable surface.The technique which is gaining traction fast in Europe and South America uses a 2-3mm thick special cement based coating imprinted with the design or metallic pigments and micro elements which is then applied to the hard surface, creating an amazing and truly unique design expression:

Due to its excellent bonding power microcement could be applied to almost any kind of stable surface and based on the technique and mastery of the applicator can be used to create a livable art.

Byford and Veronique make their mark with metal and microcement
Byford and Veronique's Bonneville oversized coffee table using microcement and metal  (Jason Radspinner) source: LATIMES

Counter top surfaces with microcement achieving marbled look.  (Source:

Home decor

Microciment wall application (source: ImaginEco Design Blog)

The opportunities to create incredible effects are endless as shown by the surface sample promoted by the Malibu, CA based brand Byford and Veronique:
Byford and Veronique make their mark with metal and microcement

Byford and Veronique make their mark with metal and microcement (clipped to

I am particularly intrigued by the products offered by Cement Design®. According to their catalog their products permit installation "which is specially designed for renovations without the need of removing the existing coating." Now, if true this alone is a reason for using their products. Add the fact that Cement Design uses eco cements, minerals and water-based resins with low VOC’S thus providing a real ecocement options -- and its is worth trying it.

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