WELCOME! I am so glad you are here and hope that you will stop by often. In the INSIDER I love sharing the trends and styles in fashion and interior decor I love, my personal shopping picks, as well as sharing style inspirations in the form of moodboards and collages for the way to get those looks by yourself. 

What you will not find in the INSIDER is a constant stream of pictures of me wearing my favorite outfits. And no, it is not because I am shy or uncomfortable in my own skin or before the camera. Au contraire! I just think I will leave it to all those fabulous bloggers (love you, Girls!!!) who do such a fantastic job doing it and doing it with pizzazz. If, however, you are a blogger and you are interested in posting or writing for the INSIDER, email me: I love to have you as a guest blogger.  

What is Where on this Blog:

I know it is sometimes difficult to figure out what is what on a Blog, so I am going to take away the mystery and give you all my secrets ... and yes they are all in the horizontal tab menu at the top of the post screen.

SHOP: Every month I select an online retailer that I think is worth visiting on a regular basis or simply having on a favorite list. These are the stores and shops I use and love, so from the SHOP tab you will connect directly  to the retailer.

BROWSE: If you looked at any of the posts in this Blog you probably have seen my polyvore collages. I use them to visualize ideas and to present styling displays. They are my design notes or client presentations so to speak. From the BROWSE tab you can see my daily moodboards. They were all created on polyvore and each is shopable on the spot, meaning that if you see something you like you can link to it, save it, share it ... 

WEAR: Under the WEAR tab you will find my personal shopping and wish list. And if you wonder what is the difference with the shop on the top of the blog, well probably the latter contain what I actually purchased.

DISCLOSURES: Well here is all the legal staff. 

On the left side under the 'topic' spot you will find the index to some of the recurring themes I like to cover. It would be nice if I could figure how to set it up as a page, but unfortunately I do not know how. (plug here the dumb blonde brunette joke ....) 

Now you have it!

I love to hear from you so, email me or put a note in the comments section. 

Make sure to also check  out  my  website  www.fashionlook4u.com for  more  fashion and home decor ideas or if you need help with your wardrobe  or  home  remodel  projects from one of our virtual stylists.  

One last note. English is not my first language, so please excuse grammar and spelling

XOXO Mimi Santa Cruz

Email: fashionlook4u@gmail.com

Website: www.fashionlook4u.com

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