Sunday, August 2, 2015

Decorate with Plants

I love tropical foliage and lush greens and jungle like greenery -- it is beautiful, exotic, and yes the more unruly, the better.

Sunlight in the Jungle  (source unknown found on Pinterest)

But if you do not live in Costa Rica or on the Big island of Hawaii, let say, that look is not part of your daily paysage. Now if you have a green thumb you can try to replicate it in your backyard  -- hell, some of the most impressive tropical looking home landscapes I have seen have been in the desert areas of Phoenix and Palm Springs and yes it could be 117 degrees Fahrenheit out during the summer.

The pool at the Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs, CA 

But lets face it, most of us either do not have time or just are not good at gardening even if we live in a climate that could support a lush garden. So, if a magnificent back yard is not within your budget or your climate zone, one way to bring the jungle into your daily life is to decorate with plants. In addition to adding immediate and much needed air-quality benefits  (confession is in order here -- I am influenced by the air quality in Los Angeles, but that holds true these days for any big city)  decorating with plants is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make your home feel lively, hip, and inviting. If you choose wisely you can add plants to any existing decor and yet completely change the game. Here are some fantastic ideas that  will make you run to Lowe's or the local nursery:
Floral decor

Floral modern European decor found on polyvore

M@RRóN ✔
Asian inspired decor found on Pinterest credits: M@RRóN ✔

London, SW1
An interior urban courtyard found on Pinterest credits

Floral decor

Floral modern European decor found on polyvore

ᏋᎯᏒᎢᏥ ᎯᏀᏋ: ⋅⊲⋊⋈⋉⊳⋅ ᎢᎻᏋ ᏟᎾᏝᎾᎡᏕ ᎾԲ ᎢᎻᏋ ᎠᏋᏕᏋᎡᎢ ⋅⊲⋊⋈⋉⊳⋅ Love these colors...
A stucco facade in La Quinta, California

London, SW1
An urban green  room (origins unknown) London, S (clipped to

comfy perfect hippie bedroom inspiration boho indie peaceful nature...

The ultimate boho look. The Home of Aldo Chaparro found at

The key to decorating with house plants is to select plants that will give you the lush tropical feel and yet could survive indoors. So stay away from plumerias and hibiscus and the likes. They need a lot of direct sun light and heat, so no matter how sunny and bright your room is, chances are it is not enough. My go to tropical looking plants that would take a ton of neglect and still thrive indoors are 

Ficus lyrata
Fig Lief Ficus

Money Tree

цвяточки (42).png
Broadleaf Lady Palm

Filodendron (könnyezőpálma) szaporítása, gondozása, betegségei Split Leaf Filodendrum

4 in. Anthurium Red-4ANT at The Home Depot

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend! XOXO Mimi

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