Sunday, October 2, 2016

SHOP the LOOk: from the 2017 runways to home decor

from the 2017 runways to home decor

from the 2017 runways to home decor by fl4u  created with polyvore

You know the feeling -- you are looking at something else and BAAM! there is a picture or a teaser tagline that takes you to a FashionWeek or a Runway recap. No, you cannot resist it. So, you are there and you are mesmerized. Perhaps it is not exactly what you personally would you wear or buy but, 
nevertheless it is awesome. And yes your want it. Apparently google is interested in making that 'instant gratification' desire come to fruition with a new venture called Shop the Look. Catchy... no! but it may have a promise. I found out about it because apparently they have partnered with Polyvore -- yes! that polyvore I use-- to launch it. The other two partners are Curalete and LiketoKnow. Clearly, google's visibility would be a huge boost to the parties involved. It will be interesting to see how shoppers would respond. If Polyvore is able to channel the creativity of its community it will be a huge advantage for users seeking to snatch a ready-to-wear look. If, however, they rely on the three companies to select and promote looks and trends their actual workforce or paid affiliates would be pimping out, my prediction is it will fade quickly. For one reason, what's the difference with following a celebrity or a favorite blogger and buy their posts --- The other one is even more prominent: the techies who are running those great start-ups have, hmm excuse my bluntness -- zero sense of style or knowledge of the fashion industry. But we will see ....

But back to the dizzying SS2017 trend from the catwalks (as the post said)
Image result for missoni home decor photos
found on google. source unknown
I like it with a bit more pink and gray but this is a good depiction of a room in this style (the blue-beige hues are fantastic) ...
If you want to shop my collage -- here are the items. No affiliate links in this one. Just my picks for a great trend if you are looking to add some scream-of-the-runways touches to a tired decor.  

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