Sunday, September 27, 2015

Decorate with Fall Colors: Five easy and inexpensive tricks for an instant home facelift

Asian Landscape by Hampton Falls Landscape Contractors BAYBERRY NURSERIES

Even if you are like me, that is you live in an area where Fall just means lower temperatures, some light rain, and less beach activities (you've guessed it I live in balmy So Cal), you still get nostalgic about the color changing. There is nothing like the display of a natural color palette like you would find in a fall forest.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

From Memorable Falls on the Runaways to Fatastic Exhibition of Beauty: it was 2015 New York Fashion Week all the Way

SS2016 trends

New York Fashion Week is over and the hordes of who's who in fashion (and anyone else for that matter) is already in full reporting mode at the next stop on this crazy ride: London. Well, I need a but of a downtime to process the assault to the senses (in the best possible way, of course) experienced in the fist eight days of shows and shows and shows of the RTW Spring 2016. New York never disappoints and this year was no exception. There was intrigue, and highly anticipated debuts, and controversies, and spectacularly bad falls on the runaways.... You get it, it was NYFW!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Givenchy 9/11 Fashion Week show: A love letter to New York

I have to confess I was really trilled when I first heard that Riccardo Tisci has decided to open up his #NYFW SS2016 show to the public. Fashion week and hell! the whole high fashion/hautecouture thing has become the poster-child for exclusivity and a pathetic effort of celebrities of the-day to carve "a place" where only who's who in daily gossip can assemble without the riff-raff. (here comes the rant -- yes! during fashion week I care to see and read about the shows and the people who bring them to life, not about whether Kim Kardashian or the likes will be attending ... but that's me and I will say no more.)

Let's hear it for Givenchy and the first strike against fashion stratification!

Best of NWFY SS16: Givenchy

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New York Fashion Week 2015: let the games begin

Halston Heritage Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue

#NYFW 2015: it is here, it is up, and it is running! With an endless stream of beauty on live screens, on apps, at amazing venues, behind the scenes shots, and street style extravaganza --- it is the 9th of September only and there is enough out there to make you head spin. Buckle up Girls!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Are you ready for Fall?

A Tall Order
If you are going to add one and only one new addition to your fall wardrobe, may I suggests that you consider the over the knee slim boots. Paired with a simple mini or a tailored babydoll coat, over the knee boots create a killer silhouette. For the fall 2015 season designers like Versace, Dior, and Alberta Ferretti  have re-tuned this old favorite by making them slimmer and way way! taller.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

FIND OF THE DAY: Everyone is wearing a Bertie, are you?

I continue with my quest for the perfect booties. I do not like them too chunky, too ornate, too high up the ankle: you got it I am picky. I happened to see these Bertie IV by Senso and was intrigued. And apparently I am not the only one. A quick look around and it seems that if you are anybody who is anybody in fashion-blogging land that is, you have been spotted in theses puppies:

The Blonde Salad in Bertie by Senso. | Oxygen Boutique Blog

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Top 10 Most Wallet-Friendly Fashion Trends for Fall 2015

Although in Los Angeles it does not feel as if fall is just around the corner, that trivial fact does not stop fashionistas of all ages and creed from getting busy with putting up their must-haves lists for the upcoming fall/winter season. And yes! guilty as charged. Doing my own list I realized that this season some of my favorite trends are quite wallet-friendly. Now, I don't mean that $150 will get you a Versace look, what I mean is that you can recreate a strait-from-the-catwalks trend to the T with similar products (not necessarily bearing a powerhouse designer label) and use the items for many more years to come. After all there is truly nothing new in fashion: at its core it a proof of the viability of dialectical materialism less the political rhetoric but add a heavy doze gorgeousness. Nooo! enough of this ... As promised in the title -- here are my top 10 budget-friendly-straight-from-the-runaways trends for Fall/Winter 2015 that are sure to turn heads:

1. Way, way over the knee boots


fall trends
Isabel Marant, Versace, Dior, Alberta Ferretti

Friday, September 4, 2015

Chilling and Grilling Party Prep for a Glorious Labor Day Weekend

Finally a long weekend! And as expected there will be a ton of parties and grilling and cooking in America's backyards over this Labor Day's weekend. Faced, we love to eat and party -- it is human nature, at least a good part of it. I am no exception!

Now, I can't cook but I sure like to throw a party. And thanks to good friends, who indeed CAN cook (Oh yes can they cook!), no one goes hungry even at my parties. So, in prep for this Labor Day I assembled my party prep inspirations (after all styling is my humble contribution) and here they are in full glory: