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Top 10 Most Wallet-Friendly Fashion Trends for Fall 2015

Although in Los Angeles it does not feel as if fall is just around the corner, that trivial fact does not stop fashionistas of all ages and creed from getting busy with putting up their must-haves lists for the upcoming fall/winter season. And yes! guilty as charged. Doing my own list I realized that this season some of my favorite trends are quite wallet-friendly. Now, I don't mean that $150 will get you a Versace look, what I mean is that you can recreate a strait-from-the-catwalks trend to the T with similar products (not necessarily bearing a powerhouse designer label) and use the items for many more years to come. After all there is truly nothing new in fashion: at its core it a proof of the viability of dialectical materialism less the political rhetoric but add a heavy doze gorgeousness. Nooo! enough of this ... As promised in the title -- here are my top 10 budget-friendly-straight-from-the-runaways trends for Fall/Winter 2015 that are sure to turn heads:

1. Way, way over the knee boots


fall trends
Isabel Marant, Versace, Dior, Alberta Ferretti

Watching supermodels strutting down the catwalks in those babies is memorizing. Paired with a simple mini or a tailored babydoll coat, over the knee boots sure create a killer silhouette. This season designers like Versace, Dior, and Alberta Ferretti (pictured) have re-tuned this old favorite by making them slimmer and way way! taller. Fabulous indeed, if you are slim and tall and with mile high legs -- then sure you cannot go wrong with over the knee boots! But this trend seems to intimidate a lot of ladies out there. A friend of mine looked at my collage above and quickly chimed "and how exactly would I pull those up my legs?" Well, you can by selecting the right pair. Although slim stretch boots will be a pain to put on and take off, well designed ones are quite comfortable and look fantastic on any leg. It is definitively worth investing a bit more for a good pair, but you will wear them all season long and then some more when the weather warms up. Here are few that I think are worth looking into: (just hover over each image to see details)


2. Head-to-toe Red


Fall trends 2
Versace, Fendi, Max Mara, Dolce&Gabbana

Not much to add here, other than say  I am all in for this one. Red is always a good choice for adding to an outfit combination, but going all red in a gloomy, foggy fall day, well right there you are going into a different stratosphere all-together. Apart from making an eye-catching statement, this one is screaming swagger and confidence. Even better, as shown above, it will work for any occasion and for any personal style. Take a quick look at your closet and just add some key pieces to rotate in and out based on the occasion. A fab dress, a pencil skirt, a cardigan, a silk blouse,  and lots and lots of shoes in RED is a must for any closet. Go for clean lines, no extra color mixing, and high quality and you will be using those pieces forever. Just one note of caution, the head-to-toe Red look is a statement on its-own,  so keep accessorizing to a minimum.

3. A killer floor-length coat in a bright color 


Untitled #435

Dior, Moschino, Narcisco Rodriguez

I am partial to this (not at all new) trend because for me, it is the quintessential glamour look à la Champs Elysées. Adding to this pedigree an unapologetic color that will set you apart from the crowds -- and it simply to die-for. Again, it is a statement piece of clothing but one that is certainly not reserved for special events. I haven't found yet many options in a comfortable price range, so I will report soon on options for this trend. 

4. White Mini-dress with an oversized belt. 


Untitled #434

Iro, Isabel Marant, Alexandre Vauthier

Oversized belts are an old go-to trend but seeing them back on the runaways worn on cute and romantic white minis is a trill. No doubt oversized belts -- hell oversized anything-- were a huge trend overall on the Milan runways but pairing them with fluffy simple dresses creates a great contrast and dramatic effect. So this Fall forget that old no-white-after-Labor Day! Cinching in the waist and shortening the hemline is daring but a great way to keep in the summer memories in the cold. And if you are already in for the high boots (my No. 1 above) and/or the long coat (my No. 3 above), then you have a match made in heaven. 

5. Fabulous Culottes


Untitled #433

 Fendi, Tibi, Lemaire, Victoria Beckman

I  don't squabble about it -- I do love culottes (see here) Pure and simple! And apparently high fashion brands are not shying away from them either, from Fendi and Tibi to Victoria Beckman, they all sent fab outfits down the runaways featuring simple, almost mundane tops (if there is such a thing during a fashionweek show) with amazing culottes. If you haven't tried this trend, well now is the time. Culottes are form flattering, comfy yet sophisticated, and they are available in all colors, lengths, materials and prices, so, choices are dizzying.

6. Windowpane Checks


Untitled #432

Chanel, Sacai, Derek Lam, Balenciaga

A true French couture classic, the black and white windowpane pattern came back with a vengeance in the 2015 Fall collections of powerhouses like Chanel and Balenciaga. And no surprise! With all the boho, fringe, and lay-back fashion that had invaded the summer it is time to suit up our power-ladies for the boardrooms and courtrooms. So, if you want to refresh your business wardrobe for Fall, this one is a no brainer. Any black and white for business is a great start but adding a sophisticated pattern like windowpane to a suit or a skirt gives the outfit a ladylike aura reminiscent of Ms. Coco Channel herself. And if that is not what you are going for, then jazz it up with a cool top or even a leather jacket.

7. Wade-leg Trousers in White


Yes baby, bundle up with white flares for winter! When I was first watching the collections I was puzzled by the idea, even only from a practical point of view. If I have to shlap down a muddy street, even for few steps that is, do I really want to be sporting white flares? And the answer is a big NO, but for those of us lucky enough to never see snow, it is a fab way to feel like it is winter less the windchill and the mud.   

8. Bohemian for Snobs


Untitled #430

Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Lanvin

I am convinced that deep-down everyone loves the come back of the hippie and boho inspired fashion. But I do hear a lot of complaints about the proliferation of fringes, bows, dizzying patterns, and wild florals. So for those gals that are not ready to jump on the bandwagon of the festival wear craze, designers like Etro and Lanvin offered a great compromise: maxi dresses in muted floral and ethnic patterns reminiscent more of lux jacquards and brocades than CoachellaFest. They are very elegant indeed, especially worn over skinny boots. Bonus points for maxi frocks with cool pockets.

9. Tailored Long Coats


Untitled #429

Chanel, Dior, Protagonist, Versace

I am circling back to the long coats because there are truly a must for fall/winter business attire. But designers like Dior and Versace have tweaked the duster-coat idea with exaggerated shoulders, classy tailoring, and cool details to make a long tailored coat a go-to piece for the cold days for lady lawyers and fashionstas alike.

10. Bring Back the Belle Epoque  


Untitled #428

Alberta Ferretti, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Giles

I couldn't draw a list of fab Fall trends without including the playful tribute to history that we saw on the runways. A nod to Victorian and Edwardian tea dresses updone with wide puffed sleeves, elegant ruffles, lace, and those English collars, but with a modern goth inspired mood. Thank you Alexander McQueen for making us understand that it is OK to wear a costume to work everyday. Have fun every one! 


P.S. Let me know in the comments which ones you would wear, if any.

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