Friday, September 4, 2015

Chilling and Grilling Party Prep for a Glorious Labor Day Weekend

Finally a long weekend! And as expected there will be a ton of parties and grilling and cooking in America's backyards over this Labor Day's weekend. Faced, we love to eat and party -- it is human nature, at least a good part of it. I am no exception!

Now, I can't cook but I sure like to throw a party. And thanks to good friends, who indeed CAN cook (Oh yes can they cook!), no one goes hungry even at my parties. So, in prep for this Labor Day I assembled my party prep inspirations (after all styling is my humble contribution) and here they are in full glory:

Now you can't have a good Labor Day party without fabulous drinks. The weather is great in SoCal right now so tropical drinks on a cool breezy evening are understandably a favorite:

Tropical Cocktails

Roasted Strawberry Margaritas foodgawker

3 drinks que voce precisa provar em Nova York

Ginger Mint Margarita foodgawker

Ginger Mint Margarita (clipped to

Speaking of summer drinks, my latest fascination has been a red sangria with a slight twist: a fresh fig-pineapple-orange Tempranillo based sangria. Just to make clear, I say with a twist not because of the fruits used but because I usually like sangria made with Granacha. The fruit pairing is a personal choice, so if you what to experiment this is the perfect drink to see how fruit and wine really mix.

Here is my version of this awesome drink [but served in much better glasses!!!]:

1 bottle good quality Tempranillo wine
1/4 cup brandy
1/4 cup Grand Marnier
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 
3 tablespoons fresh orange juice
1/4 of a pineapple, cubed
3 fresh figs, cubed
half an orange, thinly sliced
one tablespoon sugar ( or more to taste)
1 bottle club soda

Combine all the ingredients except for the club soda. Let it chill in the fridge -- covered-- for about two hours. Before serving add the club soda. Pour over ice and garnish with mint and few blackberries. 

Now, I love sweets so I have to top a nice summer party with deserts. And as strange as it may sounds for this type of meal I plan to go with baklava. Yes it is decadent and heavy but hell it is the best!!!

Classic Baklava foodgawker

A far cry from a real Turkish baklava, but still the baklava from Karabagh bakery in Hollywood is the best I have found in Los Angeles. So walnut baklava and damski kapriz cake  -- here we come.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

XOXO Mimi  

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