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Pretty in Pink: Fabulous outfits for under $200.00

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink by the INSIDER by 
featuring a floral skirt, top, and bag from and 
shoes from

Dark Floral has been a favorite trend  for a while but often I find it to be either too over the top or the mix with softer colors misses the point and makes it almost grotesque. I love the haute couture shot below but I sure don't want to go down the street in one of those.

Home decor

 Source: clipped to polyvore

Yes, it is a personal style but when I think of dark floral I am thinking of something like this:

Rosie Fortescue Sydney Floral Midi Skirt

So if you like the more intrigue driven approach to the dark floral trend here is my way to style a dark floral volume skirt for a hot summer night out step by step. Now, I went with blush for this post because it is 92 degree out, so the idea of even thinking of black clothes is making me drenched, so substitute an all black top, bag, and shoes for a more moody feel or when the temperatures dip down to breathable.

STEP ONE: stay away from volume tops or peplum tops unless you are really tall and slim. A simple top like this one is form flattering and provides a great silhouette.


Top $27.00 

STEP TWO: Small bags are all the rage this season so a messenger bag or a saddle bag is a perfect compliment to a volume skirt. 

Messenger bag

 Messenger bag $68.00

STEP THREE: pick a floral skirt that is not too ornate or with too many colors. The whole point of dark floral is to have the dark overtones be the attention grabber not display a spring bouquet of rainbow colors on a dark background.


Here are some more dark floral skirts:

Ted Baker Floral Skirt $250.00 Full Floral Skirt $32.00

STEP THREE: And yes, it all comes down to the shoes. Now, I do remain an European at heart so I do like to match my bag and my shoes in both color and style, but many find it too old school.  Whenever you stand on this particular divide do select elegant lady-like shoes. Platforms and chunky heels look stocky and will take away from the silhouette line.

Joe's Jeans Nude leather 'Ali' stacked heel pumps

Joe's Jeans Nude leather 'Ali' stacked heel pumps $53.00

Thank you for reading and enjoy your summer.


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