Monday, August 17, 2015

Easy Tricks for a Modern Bedroom Revamp

It seems inevitable that when we try to refresh or revamp our homes on a budget we always blow the meager amount we have dedicated to such endeavor on either the bathroom or the living room. My experience is that people tend to leave the bedroom untouched. Perhaps the rationele is that one does not spent much time there, so what's the rush. Ney, ney I say! You may not spent much of you awaken hours in the bedroom but boy! do you need a good and restful sleep. Think about the occasions you have spent in a luxury hotel.You can't wait to go to bed to enjoy that incredible looking fluffy inviting bed. And odds are that if you think about it, you probably would agree that the best night sleep you have ever had was is one such hotel bed. So here is how to completely remodel your bedroom on a budget and yet give it a luxurious modern sleek feel.

Nothing original here! My favorite remodel trick for this fall is a play on the old and trusted black-and-white: luxury-hotel style bed with a heavy doze of black accents.

Darkest Before Dawn

Black and White Curtains - Eclectic - bedroom - Sherwin Williams...

Black Leather Headboard - Contemporary - bedroom - Atmosphere Interior...

The Contemporary bedroom design #fortheloverainie

The Contemporary bedroom design #fortheloverainie (clipped to

Here is how to achieve the look in five easy steps:

Step One: De-clutter as much as you can. Throw away all the tchotchkes  and nick nacks that you have assembled. Paint or stain any furniture you want to keep, so that you stay  within the black-and-white color scheme.

Step Two: Get the luxuty-hotel style all-white bedding . Here you have to go NEW. Select the best white bedding sets within your price range. Three-hundred thread count Egyptian cotton should be the lowest,  in order to get the oomph you are looking for. The trick many luxury hotels use to create a truly plush feel is by using three sheets: a flat sheet, a middle sheet and a fitted sheet a la Westin's heavenly bed.

Step Three: Oodles of pillows and the plushiest white comforter you can find. I suppose there is such a thing as too many pillows, but hell ... when you climb into a bed that has an array of fluffy pillows it is like you plunge into the  clouds.For drama add a black throw, or a comforter with an intriguing black element, or a boudoir pillow in black pattern. 

Step Four: Black Accent Wall, Ceiling, or Floor. Here is where I part company from the typical hotel styling. To create a modern and unique feel paint one of the wall black. 

22 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes

Now, if you have a loft style room or an old European style apartment, painting the ceiling black is striking (like the picture on the top) but you need high ceilings, big windows, and some architectural elements to pull it off. For a typical room stick to an accent wall or if it is too strong for you, focus on the floor. A modern geometric carpet or black hard floor will be just as fabulous.

For a truly minimalist or industrial look keep the black wall bare and stack your clothes rack or a low profile furniture. Now, I am not much into the industrial or cold minimal style, so I love to add empty ornate white picture frames on a black wall like the collage below:

Modern Bedroom in Black and White

Step Five: the decor. To pull it all together there are three additional must-have elements here. The first one is lighting. You need to get statement making ceiling and wall lamps. I love modern pendants so I would use slick modern shapes in various lengths. 

Next you want to add some dramatic effect with art. I love plaster busts so I will go for one in either black or white. It is a great way to accessorize a simple night stand or to place it on a bare wood floor. But any sculpture, pottery, or modern metal art to your liking will be perfect. A show at your local art school will be a perfect place to get great art from new emerging talent.   

The last piece is to get plants. Nice modern planters and a sleek simple high vase will add the last touch to a bedroom you never would want to leave ....
Dot & Bo Geo Biome Planter

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