Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Decorate with modern pastels: the Kenneth Cobonpue Parchment furniture collection

decorate with modern pastels

I am not big on pastels but this Parchment collection by Kenneth Cobonpue is fantastic.

Parchment by Kenneth Cobonpue

Parchment by Kenneth Cobonpue

Parchment by Kenneth Cobonpue

The dramatic sculptural tops rest upon a steel base and fine wood to create a refined, sophisticated, and versatile elegance that tend to play well with variety of styles.

Kenneth Cobonpue is an award winning young furniture designer from Cebu. He is a graduate of the Pratt Institute in New York and has distinguished himself as one of the most innovative designers known for his exquisite and distinctive designs  featuring locally sourced materials and handmade production processes.

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