Sunday, November 13, 2016

Have $5K to Spare?

Have $5K to Spare?

I don't know about you, but I love Ms. Melania Trump's choice for the President-elect victory acceptance speech. It had it all. The symbolic suffrage white, the modern vibe,  the clean and fresh feel: unadorned whole that simply screamed sophisticated 21st century woman..
I appreciate that the selections she made for the campaign trail and her public appearances were all purchased from the racks or internet. There were no custom designs, no special haute-couture house fanfare. She has an impeccable taste that is uniquely her own and she is not afraid to show her choices without an army of  stylists and the enforcement of who's who in the fashion world. And yes! it does not hurt that she know how to wear it! YOU GO GIRL!

Now, if you have $5 K to spare -- here is how to spend it ...
Ralph Lauren white jumpsuit

Nude shoes

Chanel lipstick

XOXO Deplorable Mimi

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