Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Work it!

Work it!

It simply cannot get better than a Puglisi dress paired with Louis Vuitton, can it? At least for my taste. So here it, Girls... my dream outfit. 

FAUSTO PUGLISI short dress
$575 -

Nubuck shoes

Louis vuitton jewelry

Small problem-- that dress is not available in my size, so I am searching ...

But in the mean time I decided to post my favorites from Mr. Puglisi's incredible Resort 2016 collection, perhaps an all time favorite of mine ...

Pink is not a fav of mine but does Puglisi know how to make it edgy! Noone else in the business can work with pastels the way Fausto Puglisi can. He takes the bubble gum hues and makes them urban, rough, goth-ish, and for sure a hell-lot-of #rock'n'roll. It is truly a art from perfected by Gianni Versace but Puglisi adds a pinch of Helston's flair for the exotics. Love it!

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