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Aristocratic Opulence told in 20 Old World Glamour Decor Photos

Happy #Saturday everyone! I hope that you all had a very productive week and are looking forward to a great long-weekend ahead. I certainly do. It was yet another crazy week and just the idea of some upcoming R&R was enough to make me giddy all day yesterday. So as I was winding down my last project for the week I had to go over the collection of photos, clips, and items I had collected when I realized a somewhat eerie trend in my virtual 'moodboards' book: photos depicting what it would be best described as the quintessential Old World Glamour apartment you would find in Paris and Madrid.

By itself there is nothing unusual in collecting those, after all who does not like to indulge in browsing through one's pinterest or instagram feed for some eye candy. What I found strange is that they kept popping up in connection to projects that had nothing to do with high end or old world opulent interior design. Go figure! So, I took it as a sign and decided to put together my #top20 Luxury Old World Glamour photos that will knock your socks off:

architecture, design is in the details. paneling dustjacket attic: Interiors | French Paneling & Wood Floors:
Found on
dustjacket attic: Paris | Apartment | Glamour:
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verdigris boiserie...:
Black and white floors:
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It is amazing that even if the decor tends to stay away from the over ornate, Versailles like opulence, to either expose the age of the architectural elements or just to play it down with a blend of modern furniture, the the flair and the ultimate result remain unchanged. It must be those high modeled ceiling, the paneled doors and walls and ahhh! the windows. Just uncanny! It is just like those few women that have the ability to put overalls and still look aristocratically glamorous. Perhaps it is that innate sense and appreciation of history, art, and elegance that distinguish haute style from fashion fad. Hurrah! for style and elegance: 
Schiaparelli's Parisian apartment shot by François Halard:

Schiaparelli's Parisian apartment shot by François Halard found on pinterest

RARE EXCEPTIONAL DUPLEX | France Luxury Homes | Mansions For Sale | Luxury Portfolio
A Touch of Acrylic - A Design Lifestyle - Jacqueline Palmer

Pure indulgence -  Traditional Bedroom by Timothy Corrigan Inc., ft... | via Tumblr
61f7bca59c5af38e85bb63426c52e3b4.jpg 362×488 pixels:
Villa  Ephrussi de Rothschild

Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas
Apartment in Madrid designed by Spanish interior designer Lorenzo Castillo. via the designer's site
Pin by Tonya Trent {Sweet Home Alabama} on MY Dream Home | Pinterest
dustjacket attic: Interiors | French Paneling & Wood Floors:
Found on

Pin by Dona Novack on Mint | Pinterest
At Home With : Photographer Stephane Kossman, Paris

At Home With : Photographer Stephane Kossman, Paris

Paris haussmanien apartment, photo by Frédéric Vasseur:
 found on pinterest
The dining area of a Paris apartment features Chinese painted-silk panels showcased against silver-leaf wallpaper.:
Sylvain Levy-Alban's Paris apartment found on

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