Sunday, October 11, 2015

Urban Ballerinas

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There is something truly mesmerizing about ballerinas in an urban setting. I don't know if it is the nonconformity of the contrast inherent in the idea. After all what more sheltered, meticulously orchestrated, and delicate environment is there than your usual grand ballet spectacle. Or perhaps, the sensuality aura caused by the stark, almost vulgar surroundings that eliminate the stage presence and feel. What ever it is, these 10 photos that follow will surely stop you in your tracks.

Sometimes dancing inside the box is ok.:
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She wanted to scream, and cry and yell. But she didn't. She didn't do any of those because she had dance, and dance had her.:
Anastasia Volovhkova
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~~Abandoned Building Ballet | mono, ballet dancer, Jacksonville, Florida by Greg Waters~~:
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Meredith Webster in Scheherazade, Alonzo King Lines Ballet - (photo by RJ Muna):
Meredith Webster in Scheherazade, Alonzo King Lines Ballet - (photo by RJ Muna)

Ballet is a great workout for long, lean muscles. Here's what you should know before starting ballet as an adult:
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I miss ballet....falling on my ass during every training class....sowing & resowing my pointe shoes....numb toes....Yup, still miss it <3:
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Which one of the photos do you like best?


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