Sunday, April 3, 2016

From the Fashion Runaways to Home Decor, Art Commercialism at its best

Runaways to Home Decor
Remember the amazing Sophie Theallet Fall 2016 RTW collection from NYFW,  (well in case you don't, here is the link to my review of it). I continue to be obsessed with it, so as I was looking through my virtual clipboard for a new project, I realized that my obsession with the deeply feminine and uber classy style of her fall collection has somehow impacted my color palette preferences not for clothes but for furnishing and home decor. I am not that fond of either gray patterns or yellow shades, but live and learn as they say.
The malachite patterns and stripes --in gray-- are particularly easy to incorporate into any decor because of their high blending-in capabilities. They will not overwhelm a room and yet with Buttercup or Mustard as the accent they give a refined and luxurious feel even if the pieces are not at that high end of the price scale.

Nuevo black light

Malachite wallpaper

Jonathan Adler throw pillow

Jonathan Adler throw pillow

Fornasetti black wallpaper
$110 -

Jonathan Adler accent chair

If you are curious about the high cabinet from the collage .... it is Jimmie Martin's of course. And yes, this post is about commercial art or art commercialism, call it as you chose, and Jimmie Martin is the IT example for why art commercialism is a good thing. Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar, the geniuses behind the brand, have shown that the line between fine art and ordinary life is not and should not be that clear. Blending fashion trends, fine art styles, and street smarts they have been creating pure magic since 2004. 

I love their furniture, but will be the first to admit that their pieces are not for everyone. They are bold, unique, flashy, exquisitely made, and yes, unmistakably and totally in-your-face. If you do not know much about the London-based brand Jimmie Martin, no better time than the present to take a journey into the wonderful world of their museum art-meets-street style furniture and decor.  Here are some of their incredible pieces that I would love to have right nowwww...

Mannequin Lamp in Black and White Stripes
Green orchid cabinet
Gold NY Chaise above; Cowboys and Angels below
And since I am writing about my current obsession and long time love affair with commercial art I have to include in this list the clay magician and artist extraordinaire, Ms. Brenda Holzke. 

I first saw her designs about a year ago and for my money, her intimate apparel series of exquisite paperclay porcelain (the pictures above) is the best blend of fine and pop art around. I know that by the photos it may look like a basic form of commercialism disguised as art, but you would be wrong, so, so wrong to think that. The white multi-dimensional textile sculptures are flawless, serene, and kind a tongue-in-cheek invitation to get off you high horse and enjoy life and all that it has to offer. And for me this is the essence and the big advantage of commercial art. 

For a less controversial example of Ms. Holdzke's art -- you should take a look at her exquisite potteries. I certainly often do. They are truly mesmerizing ... 

BRAIN FREEZE 10"X9" high fired stoneware

WHIRLWIND 17"X 14" high fired stoneware with removeable spheres

TAGGED high fired stoneware

HANGING TASSEL BASKET- stoneware with sunbrella tassels and silver wire


tribal shield 1~ 26" long

GRANITE NESTING BOWLS  high fired stoneware

I love the movement and genuine imperfections that each piece seems to portray. But it is a trompe d'euil, I assure you. The techniques and results are perfection.

Do you have a favorite commercial artist? I would love to hear from you as always -- email me

XOXO, Mimi 

Credits: All photos are courtesy of Jimmie Martin and Brenda Holzke.


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