Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Wedding Guest Attire: To Blush or Not

Seems like almost daily, (OK not daily, but boy it feels that way) I am getting an email or a call about a wedding invite. Don’t get me wrong I love attending weddings of friends and family as the next girl but this summer has been crazy. Hurray for love!!! 

So here I am again -- looking for a new look that I can use on more than one occasion. The ceremony coming up is going to be a grand affair so, I am looking for a more demure, feminine, and classy look to match the occasion. 

And I found it: Soft Blush Monotone Pants Suit!!!

Photo Found at

Sure, vibrant colors are the thing this summer but more subdued tones like blush,champagne, beige,and sand colors
are a great way to soften up and explore a more romantic and famine look.  
As delicate as it may look, don't dismiss it as fluffy, frail, or a thing from adolescence past. 

A sharp tailored power suit, pants or skirt, has an attitude and an edge on its own!



MADELEINE The Blush/Soft Pink Collection

Here is where I am going with the look

Blush Affaire

To pull it off and not look like you are back in sweet-sixteen time warp from the 80s stay away from cropped trousers, pearls, bulky neck jewelry, or earrings. A great way to
make it more edgy is to add a statement cuff bracelet, a gold buckle or a chain belt, or a neck tie (like the first photo). Here are some good pieces to start building the look:

Polo Ralph Lauren Satin-Trimmed Wool Blazer

Versace Vintage One Button Blazer

Alice + Olivia Selene Tuxedo Jacket

Plein Sud straight trousers

Ralph Lauren Poplin Wide-Leg Pant - Pink - Size 6 (other Sizes Available)

Even if this look is not for you (hey, it is not for everyone) you will not go wrong by investing in some blush or natural quality pumps. Those babies never get out of circulation!

Christian Louboutin pumps

See By Chloe Jen Slingback Sandals

TOPSHOP GENEVA Strappy Court Shoes

TOPSHOP GENEVA Strappy Court Shoes

Or just discard the all blush look and mix in some black.

If you are looking for some higher end items in blush check out my selections at my APPRL at or on the top of the page.

XOXO Mimi  

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