Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summertime dresses to dies for

Breezes, sun, gentle swaying of palm trees, the crash of summer waves ... yep! it is that time of the year. Vacation, stay-cation, or if those are not in the cards -- just an old fashion outing with your sweetheart or besties on a coll summer evening! In my humble opinion there is no better piece of clothing that says summer fun better than a fab maxi dress.

                                      Elie Saab Resort 2016 - Collection - Gallery

Flowing, colorful maxi dresses are also probably the most comfortable, flattering, and forgiving type of clothing you will ever find. Pick few good ones and you will basically live in them all summer. (hover over the circles for details)

As you have figured it out, I am all about maxies right now! (here and here for older posts) They are versatile to no end: from funky, barely there ones, to elegant weekend varieties, you will find them in all price points, colors, and materials. Choose well and a maxi will double for a work-wear too. Here are some of my favorites (hover over the images for details)

I am particularly partial to boho type ones, so, if you are like me -- well, you just can't go wrong with  FreePeople and Band of Gypsies.

Happy summer everyone!


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  2. Great dresses! Elie Saab rules!

    1. thank you so much dear @otherplaceswithparks. and yes Elie Saab is the best XOXO mimi