Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Skimpy swimsuit + flowy maxi dress

A friend of mine is going on vacation next week (lucky girl!!!) and with the usual pre-trip anxiety also kicked in the panic of being in a swimsuit and as she put it, on display. Now, if you are in your twenties and/or look like a model, those thoughts are alien to you. But for a lot of people that ain't so. 

I personally never felt uncomfortable in anything I chose to wear and I sure hope more people are like me. But I also understand the uneasiness my friend felt. So, after I gave her a good long pep talk, I suggested we go shopping for my favorite beach trend for this summer:

              skimpy swimsuit + flowy maxi dress  
 Endless Summer

Photos Source: fomo.lv
Modeles: Clara Alonso un Heather Depriest // Photography: Hunter & Gatti Stils: Martina Nilsson Mati: Paco Garrigues // Makeup : Francesca Tolot

Here are the suggestions I had in my friend's price point: 

                 Which one would you pick? 

         (Update 19 July 2015)

I wrote this post in May when I just started this Blog and I was surprised how many people chimed in expressing how uneasy they were and felt about how they look. It is and has always been very disappointing to me to see and hear people anxing about the imperfections of their bodies. I am 65 (shhhh you didn't hear that) and have always been petite but I have never starved myself or deprived myself of what I desire to eat in order to look thin. Moderation and exercise (and for me some Salsa dancing) would do what nature and genetics had in store for each of us. 

And yet, our notions of beauty are so heavily influenced by what we see in fashion magazines, on the runaways, and on big screen: all size 0 models over 5'9" and actresses that melt before our eyes into grotesque emaciated fugurines. That is unhealthy!!! 

So girls and gals, this summer be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your sensuality and the beauty of your body. Put on some sexy bikini, a gorgeous dress that screams I am gorgeous, and lets enjoy life.

 For inspiration here are some magnificent photos that show off the attitude I so much embrace (just hover over the images and circles for information on the products used in the collages)


Thanks for reading and enjoy your summer. XOXO Mimi

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