Saturday, June 20, 2015

Project Decorate Take one: Screened outdoor area a la the Hamptons

I am ready with take one on my friend's new-home-fixer-upper remodel project. (you can see the original post for the back story) Surprise, surprise! there are complications with escrow, title etc., so my friend is having her hands full, but she is in love with the idea of turning the house into her dream home. So, we have been busy going over and planing a lot of the anticipated projects (and there will be a ton of those...).

 Now, my friend want to get this

Outdoor Dining Area A Hamptons Getaway Designed for Outdoor Living...

Outdoor Dining Area A Hamptons Getaway Designed for Outdoor Living from Architectural Digest

from this ...

And if you are think what the %4@*... Well,  I am with you. To start, it is really a bad idea to try to recreate an outdoor living area that is centered around a gorgeous pool (like the AD photo) -- when you will never have a pool!!! But putting that aside for the moment, here is the good news: two dozens of white rose bushes will get her that layered green belt on blooming white row look, which is just awesome. The house already has mature trees and some evergreen shrubs around the fence so this is a easy fix.  

Iceberg Rose , White Floribunda Roses

Iceberg Rose , White Floribunda Roses

A low hedge of boxwood would complete the look (similar to the photo below). But it is worth doing it, only if you commit to keeping it groomed. Otherwise, it is just a waste of money. Let the roses do their thing...

unknown source from the internet
Repainting the outside of the house in a warm dark gray, for example, would be a nice backdrop for an additional flowerbed of white roses on the side of the main structure, on each side of the screened area. 

The bad news, apart from the obvious, is that the screened area is small, dark, and generally awkward. The teak bench is a perfect fit. I like the concrete table paired with the teak and fine china because it gives a eclectic modern euro look.

For the decor here is my take on it, in the price point (under $3000.00) we are working:  

Home decor: Summer Living

Teak patio furniture / Nordal outdoor shades / Nordal outdoor lantern / Bombay blue dinnerware / Juliska serving tray / Wine glass / CB2 outdoor table / House Doctor Kawa lounge chair / Ferm Living Cut pillow, offwhite  / Ferm Living Cut pillow, dark blue / Nordal Rusty chandelier / Spode Blue Italian cup and small plate / Spode Blue Room mug

The  blue and white dinnerware would be a nice choice to start building around for the french cottage style decor  I am hoping my friend would chose to execute in the kitchen and dinning room. (But I will live that for another post ... maybe we'll start planing on that when she actually moves in.)

Few large cobalt blue or oriental flower pots, a hanging basket of petunia, and some nice tropical looking foliage plants could go a long way to make the space inviting.