Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hacienda Stairway done right

After Architectural Digest (clipped to

I just love this stairway. I found the photo on polyvore and the attribution is unclear. It appears to be a photo from an Architectural Digest editorial and the text under the photo reads as follows:
"Custom-made moldings amplify the elegance of the entrance hall, which contains a Regency settee and a 1920s Navajo rug; the sconce is by Vaughan, and the umbrella stand is a Ming-dynasty sake jar. The art displayed along the stairway includes a colorful work on paper by Joan Mitchell." 

I don't think it applies to this photo. The rug is not a Navajo rug, neither is the settee a Regency style one. But who cares, it is magnificent. If I have to guess it is a recent renovation somewhere in So Cal and they stayed very true to the Spanish Colonial Revival style. 

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