Sunday, May 7, 2017

Suit up for the right party

Capella Pedregal, Yours Truly destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas.:
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It is that time, you know: wedding parties galore. It is like everyone you know and then every one they know, is getting married. Wonderful times ... until you look in your wardrobe and you gasp and say to your self "I have nothing to wear!" Well, yes you do! but the choices are not exciting. So you take care of the problem! Thanks god for credit cards. Rights?!

But then there is worst. You have lined up your number for the event and you ask your your significant other about their plans for the occasion and you just stay speechless at the response you get. Well, here is few options that could save you some major aggravation of this kind for years to come. Suggestions and some nudging necessary perhaps but

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Tom Ford's Blue Shelton Slim-Fit Velvet Tuxedo Jacket $3,660

Tom Ford's Blue Shelton Slim-Fit Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

And then what is a special occasion party if you do not have the right shows -- well I got you covered thanks to @dolceandgabanna fab loafers more large
Dolce and Gabanna

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