Monday, August 1, 2016

Pinstripes and Lavish Lace Collars

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, I surely did. And how not: a trip to Malibu is always a crowd pleaser!

Paradise Cove – Malibu, California
Paradise Cove. Photo from Malibu Mart 
You know I am not much into selfie-type posts but at the request of my daughter I am going to do this one -- as she put it, "are you a #fashionblogger or an e-hermit". Honestly, I hadn't seen it in those terms, but unless there is a doubt I am going with 'fashion blogger' and not cyber shy.  So here we go ... it is about pinstripes and Carmlite collared tops ...

 I have always been a big fan of pinstripe suits and pants. Since I am only 5'4, whenever I feel short (oh! wait I should be PC and say when I feel 'vertically challenged') the pinstripes is my go to item. In addition to their elongating effect, pinstripes are perhaps the most forgiving pattern you will find to suit any body type.
Pinstriped Virgin Wool Pants detail 0

Maison Margiela Pinstriped Pants $430 from

If you don't have a one and you are not ready to invest in a Maison Marguela pair (which I highly recommend) -- here are some great options from ASOS ($100 or under) to consider:

Pinstripes are also a great way, in my opinion, to balance a top or a shirt with an accentuated or cape collar.

 I love the exaggerated renaissance feel those collars bring but they easily swallow an outfit and tend to shorten the torso, so it is a tough look to pull, if you are petite. My solution is to look for tops that have a high pinched waste that would allow for belting without too much draping over the belt itself.

The top is my own so I had the freedom to make the collar as lavish as I wanted it.

And no trip to Malibu is worth the drive unless you indulge on sushi. Yep!

Disclosure -- I hate when people start snapping pictures when the server brings your order.Don't you? It is a dinner, not a photo shoot. So, when I go out I enjoy my food and do not memorialize it for posterity. I did not take this picture but it is darn perfect depiction for what I had  .... Lesson learned -- live it to the professional food photographers to make us drool and relive a great dinner.




  1. love your outfit post, very classy and chic! the picture of the food looks delicious <3

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