Sunday, March 20, 2016

Maps and Stars and Beautiful Faces: the art of Ed Fairburn

Western Front Cutout I

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend, at least what is left from it. It is beautiful here in Los Angeles and pretty much everyone is out and about -- except me. Yep, I am still tied up behind the computer -- too much still left to be done-- you know how it goes. But I stumbled upon an incredible artistic find and decided to share with you the map portraiture of British artist extraordinaire Ed Fairburn:



He uses what appears to be vintage road maps as the canvases for his portraits. The patterns and colors of roads, rivers, and city circles morph into the delicately drawn faces of his models to create an almost 3D effect and bring the subjects of his art to life. Absolutely amazing! Granted I have not seen them in person but from what I can discern his portraits are fabulous. They seems to be somewhere at the junction of digital art and surrealism.




Mr. Fairburn, who is based in Wales, is represented in the US by the Mike Wright Gallery in Denver Colorado. Definitively worth a visit.  Even if the price for an original is not in unison with your budget the prints would be a great addition to style a fabulous modern space. (Check with me in a week or so, for some inspirations for incorporating this type of art into an already established decor)


All photos are from the Mike Wright Gallery in Denver Colorado:

Here is my TAKE One:

Take 1

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