Wednesday, March 9, 2016

JA New York March'16: Bling and Baubles and Regalia

If New York City didn't have enough to offer to visitors and locals alike, score one more. Between 13 and 15 March NYC will be the scene of one of the hottest jewelry trade event: JA New York. It is a trade show like no other as it brings together the jewelry industry who's who, and do not getted fooled fashionistas are watching it from afar. Why you ask? Well --

JA New York takes place three times a year in New York City at the Javits Convention Center and according to its official web site brings over 500 exhibitors from all over the world to show off what they can do in the 'twinkle-twinkle' department.

Jewels by Hera at

I looked at their lookbook this morning and OhH boy! After an hour my head was spinning and I was so, so, soo ready to see those amazing baubles in person that I even looked at to see what is the availability for a last minute flight to JFK. Nope not going: for starters it is not open to the public ... but I will sure keep an eye on the show's score card. I looked into some of the exhibitors and here are some amazing pieces that I think will be on the "new trends" lists for the next few seasons:

1. Artist Extraordinaire Sara Freedenfeld from Amali Jewelry:

Chrysoprase Drape Earrings with 18 kt Gold Chain Accents
  • Chrysoprase Drape Earrings with 18kt Gold Chain Accents


Peruvian Opal Pendant with Blue Diamond Accents in 18 kt Gold

Peruvian Opal Pendant with Blue Diamond Accents in 18kt Gold

2. EvaNueva, an upscale Italian brand, that dishes out some amazing pieces:

Photos from

3. KMO Paris:

The French jewelry designers due of Caroline and Francois-Xavier Renou at create some show stopping designs that will delight even the most discriminate taste and to boot the prices are very, very pleasing (between $100-$600 for the pieces available on their online store).

#jewelry collection by KMO Paris #luxe #jewels #woman #glamour #fashionaccessories #designer #elegance:




4. The unapologetically edgy and urban designs of Jill Herlands at


Double Height Cuff


Sodalite Frames Pendant Necklace


Here are some of my favorites from the March 2016 exhibitions:

Are U salivating yet? XOXO, Mimi


  1. Gorgeous jewelry and nice blog

  2. Monika Rich Kosan necklace is adorable. Great pieces of jewelry.

    1. Thank you Nina. There are indeed gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful jewellery!

  4. We attended a vintage bridal event last week at Seattle convention center. All vintage accessories over there were very beautiful. My friend who is getting married bought a lot of stuff for her special day. Even all of these accessories are equally pretty. Keep sharing such stuff!