Monday, February 8, 2016

And the Winners are ...

All sets are welcome

Drum roll please! And now it is official: The inaugural contest of my  #BROKEtheINTERNET polyvore group -- 2016 #Valentine'sDay giftguide-- is over and the winners are in. (applause!!! big ones are in order) No, I don't have a presenter and and envelope but I have one better ...
I am posting the amazing creations of all 12 Winners and the 3 runners-up in their full glory plus bonus selections.

So without much ado the WINNERS of the 2016 Valentine Day's Gift-Guide contest are:

First Place:

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Second Place:

Valentine's Gift Guide

Third Place:

Heart It

CONGRATS to @parkersam76, @debraelizabeth and @beebeely-look. You are amazing!

Yes, I did expect that it would be a lot of fun to have a contest on this subject and also fully expected that I would be blown away by the creativity and keen sense of style of my poly-friends (after all this is polyvore, babeee!!!). All of my expectations, however, fell short on two things. First, the sets, I mean all the sets-- were JUST SPECTACULAR (as you can see). I don't say that lightly. If you have ever spent more than 10 minutes on polyvore you know that along with the stop-you-in-your-tracks sets there are a lot of sets that are just average. Well, in this contest every single set (EACH OF THE 172 submitted) was a standout. Thank you guys for being so creative and inspirational!!!

So continuing with the winners:

4th Place:

Happy Valentines 2016
5th Place:

Valentine's Gift idea's

Happy Valentines Day to all!

W I S H L I S T by l1vza
8th Place

Valentine ♥️
9th Place:
He is SO Worth It!
I have to confess that, within the contest, I realized that I looked at sets with different eyes. Since I spend so much time on polyvore I do know and recognize the style of many of the participants but until this contest I did not fully grasp how distinctive and unique in their approaches each one is. What a revelation!!!

And back to the Winners:

10th Place:

Blind Date
Blind Date by nicolevalents

11th Place 

eyes #3
eyes #3 by annikaburman

12th Place
Don't play with my heart!
As you can see all of these sets are so amazing -- it was so difficult to chose but I had to. So, I am not stopping at 12 winners.

Presenting BROKEtheINTERNET bonus: three runners-up and one additional selection in each of the following categories: (1) artistic merits, (2) technical difficulty, and (3) off-topic favorite. An explanation is in order: Polyvore does not allow for runners-up or for winners in special categories, so I am anointing those here. (Wooohh the power of moderating .....)

Runners up in the 2016 V-day gifts guide contests are:@ bonadea007@fullerflowers, @luxxdesign

For technical difficulty I am voting for:

Emanuel Ungaro
 For artistic merits:


and for in the slightly off-topic favorite category our winner is:

Don't forget to love yourself

WOW! What a dazzling display of beauty, skills, and creativity. Thank you All and here is the link to all the amazing entries.

And for those of you who are not on #polyvore, well now is the time to hop to it. Any of the links above will take you to the profiles of these amazing ladies and from there is all up to you...

Love, mimi


  1. wow!Thanks for putting my set in your blog!xoxo

    1. Thank you +Tricia for joining the contest and being such a great poly-friend. Love, mimi

  2. What a lovely thing to do - thank you - your blog is well worth visiting! Sincerely, Michelle

    1. I greatly appreciate it +Muchelle. Thank you for being such a great polyv-friend and inspiration. love mimi

  3. Thank you so much for having this contest and for paying so close attention to everyone's set(s). It really proves how wonderful you are and how much this means you!!! Congrats to all the winners! <3 parkersam76 - Jamie :)