Saturday, January 30, 2016

Best of #MBFWA 2016: european flair and savoir faire

I can't believe that it is that time again! #FashionWeek 2016. These days it seems that we hop from one FW to the other almost in minutes. No, don't get me wrong. I love it! I breathe it! But the paste is getting to me already ... and it is only January. Wow!

For me the stop of the FashionWeek extravaganza in Amsterdam is always a treat. And this year's  edition of the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam definitively lived up to its renomme. #MBFWA may not have the glitz of #PFW, the glam power of the Milan catwalks, or the star power of #NYFW attendees, but where it lacks in international pop appeal it does compensate with two things that you will not find elsewhere: accessibility for everyone and cutting edge euro-design.
The first is courtesy of  MBFWA  OFF SCHEDULE, the MUST-SEE cultural program of Amsterdam FashionWeek where fashion, art, photography, and design history is brought to you at various hotspots around Amsterdam. Neat!

The second,  well it is European Fashion! ... baby, what else can I say.

Here are my favorite shows of #MBFWA 2016 viewed through the lenses of the amazing Team Peter Stegter:

Dutch Visionaries

The Opening number was an extravaganza of the best of the best of Dutch fashion -- the well-known names and new upper-combers sent three numbers down the catwalk to pay homage to design and creativity 



Monique Collignon Couture Light

The fiercely faminine collection is extremely refined and yet so, so wearable.












Couture and Crafts Presentation

Like the Dutch Visionairies number, the who's who in Dutch Design sent their best pieces from
their last collections to capture what I believe is the quintessence of the je ne sais quoi that
you see on the streets and ballrooms of Paris and London: the abilities to look glamorous in any setting and at any time. No jumpsuits and PJ in this one.

Lisa Konno

Yours Truly presentation was my favorite. Once again Lisa Konno displayed her unique and innovative style in search of challenging the establishment and connecting deeply with the
ultimate consumer by shifting the focus from extravagant to the intimate elements. Love it!

SIS Spijkers en Spijkers

I love the playful mix and match of patterns and colors in this Chinese inspired collection. Very wearable and elegant. 









Credits: all photos are by TEAM PETER STEGTER
Source: http://




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