Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Do it Yourself High Fashion Jewelry

Yes, this post is a deviation from my usual ones. But since it is about #DIY I thought it is appropriate that I wear the #ootd. So, here is the back story... My daughter and I ventured east looking for a place to shoot the post when we saw a big sign for "Wine Tasting" as we were crossing the intersection of Vineyard and Foothill in Rancho Cucamonga. We were both quite puzzled. Now if you are from the LA area you probably have a vague idea of  where Rancho Cucamonga is (that is all I had until the other day), but for anyone else out there -- it is a nice and quite neighborhood about an hour East of Los Angeles.

All the years I have lived in L.A. it never crossed my mind that growing grapes in the area is even a possibility. It turned out that San Bernardino county has a legitimate claim to California's viticulture history. So we went into the Wine Tailor.


In a typical So Cal shopping plaza on Route 66 (Foothill Blvd) sure enough there was a quaint tasting room. It is hosted in a preserved historic adobe brick building which once housed the Thomas Winery, the second oldest winery in California.
Thomas Winery circa 1930 found at https://www.cityofrc.us

But this post is not about history or wine tasting (tough a visit to the Wine Tailor is definitely worth the drive). What I actually wanted to write about is much much more mundane and vain, and that is how to make do it yourself Haute Couture jewelry and bring your favorite looks from the runaways to your daily life.  

If you looked at any of the posts in this Blog, you're not going to be surprised when I say that I love fringe, and in favor of full disclosures -- you can expand this statement to I love anything that is extravagant. I am not a shy person and I do not like to wear demure clothes! So, I immediately fell in love with the 2015 Fall RTW Lanvin Collection and this one look in particular:

Tim Walker Snaps Rich Bohemian Lanvin Fall 2015 Campaign

Lanvin Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

This outfit has it all: the swagger, the tassels, the exotic oriental flair. But honestly as much as I love it I am not ready to spend the money for the pieces:

Lanvin Paneled Dress $7950.00 available here
Yes this bohemian-meet-Morocco  maxi dress is amazing.The patchwork of crepe and silk-blend chiffon gives it a very reach and luxurious feel, but I just love the the tasseled long ties in the version at the fashion show, so the Marina tasseled cord belt is also a must:

Lanvin belt

Lanvin Marina Cord belt $690.00 available here

And then there is the jewelry. All and all not a winning proposition. So I decided to replicate it using affordable fashion with a heavy doze of DIY tricks. So here it is:

Any patchwork bohemian dress will do but what you really want it is the jewelry and belt inspired by Lanvin. So here is how to make your own using what is already available in your mall's stores:

MANGO Tassel Earrings
MANGO has done the work when it comes to the earrings: Tassel Earrings $20 available here. So you can put a check-mark next to earrings. Mango also provides the basis for your stand-out boho tassel necklace

MANGO Pendant Chain Necklace

MANGO Pendant Chain Necklace $40 available here

But the Mango necklace simply does not quite has the pizzazz I am looking for:

So with two extra silk tassels you can go a mile further:

DIY Haute Couture

Yes it is not Lanvin but I will take it for under $50.00. What do you thing? And if you are interested how to pull off the belt, stop in to check out my next week tutorial on that ....

Now if you are in a spending mode, well here few things to keep in mind to have your boho fall/winter looks down (hover over the images for details):

Have a great week all .... and stay fashionable.

XOXO, Mimi

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