Friday, October 30, 2015

CatWalk of a different variety: 21 Photos of Amazing Black Cats

Happy Friday everyone! I know it is Halloween tomorrow, but No! this post is not about costumes or last minute tips for the parties. Instead, in honor of all our beloved feline babies and in protest to superstitions about black cats I am posting 20 mesmerizing photographs that capture the beauty, character, and grace of those amazing creatures. 


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Butters, the Cat of the Day
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Many cultures revere cats including black cats. In Ancient Egypt, in Persia, and in the Roman Empire cats were the rock stars of the animal world. Not until the Middle Ages did the folklore about black cats and bad omens took hold over Europe. Yet, even today people who don't give a sh**about superstitions would pause before adopting a black kitten. I truly hope that people will once and for all break from the chains of superstitions and prejudice. Every cat and dog in a shelter deserve a forever home; every stray out there needs love and comfort! 

You will never find a more enchanting companion than one of those beauties!

Black    “Moon  Cat”    BeautifulMeow      ✿⊱╮:
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If they'd had a cat (not a lion) this would've been the one.  What a beauty.:
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Black cats auditioning for a role in <i>The Black Cat,</i> a new version of the Edgar Allan Poe classic in 1961.

black-cat-longhaired.jpg (JPEG Image, 2592 × 2592 pixels) - Scaled...

black-cat-longhaired.jpg (JPEG Image, 2592 × 2592 pixels) - Scaled... (clipped to
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black cat, blackcat, and cat image


FOTKI (clipped to

Image by FashionLook
Delisous! by Marta Borreguero on

Lil' Black, the Cat of the Day

The Havana is a muscular, medium-size cat related to the Siamese. Don’t get a Havana Brown if you don’t plan to spend a lot of time interacting with your cat. The Havana Brown is human oriented, playful, and curious. He wants to spend time with his people and involve himself in everything they do.:


Black cat in Istanbul, Turkey with Turkish flag in background. Image by Shaun Higson:
Photo by Shaun Higson found on pinterest and attributed to

I cannot possibly do a post about cats without paying tribute to Istanbul and its tousands of free roaming feral inhabitants who are adored by locals and tourists alike.  One of those furry munchkin is captured perfectly by Shaun Higson in the photograph above. And then, there is perhaps the best one of them all: the 1961 Hollywood  audition for a black cat (the photo below). If you have not seen the photo article by Time Magazine, you are in for a threat here.

Hollywood Audition for Black Cats 1961 - I almost put this in my funny category:

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