Saturday, July 25, 2015

Five Ways to Wear a Denim Blazer

I love denim and what is there not to love. It is versatile, comfy, and always in style. One thing I am particularly drawn to this summer is denim blazers. They have had an in-vogue rebirth from the 80s and 90s this year and are as cool as ever.

Here are some ideas on how to style a denim blazer for pretty much any occasion:

Blake Lively Found on

Blake Lively's mix of patterns, glitter, and stripes gives the denim blazer a refined yet unassuming vibe.

Found at Pinterest and attributed to attributed to
This summer 'high-end' casual look combines neutral tones and a simple white Tee to highlight the tailored lines of the blazer. It is a nice way to pull a summer casual Friday work wear if you work in an environment that does not have a strict limits on the hem line length. Otherwise a pencil skirt will be just as fabulous.

Found at Pinterest andattributed to
A nice way to style white skinny jeans for the perfect summer run to the airport. Now, if you travel often or know what is in store at the TSA line, you probably would want to switch the high strappy sandals for some slippa', but hey! a look is a look!

Found on

I love this look! The boyfriend jeans and pointy flats are a perfect match for the TopShopUnique Blazer.
Ralph Loren 2014 Collection
This military-meets-gypsy inspired look is my favorite. True the embellished  blazer is what makes it particularly special, but even a simple one, styled with some lace and cool studded boots, will make a killer outfit.

So if you want to give it  a try here are some good items to start building the look (just hover over the collage to see details)

I have some other items in the summer whishlist on the top of the Blog that could match a denim blazer for the desired effect.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend. XOXO Mimi

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  1. I love denim jackets/blazers! They always add style to an outfit :)