Thursday, June 25, 2015

Turn your home into your own luxury tropical spa in six easy steps

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Me time on a fabulous Thursday! Any girl needs that, right. So heading to the Equinox at the Century City Plaza hotel this morning and just couldn't resist a spin through Pinterest for some eye-candy, just for the sake of it.

Spa Still Life Collage Wall Art Print

Home decor

Ahhh, I just want to be there! It also got me thinking on what really takes to get that spa vibe into your own space. All and all not that much, really:

Seaside Resort: Tropical green
Here is my way to do it in six easy and inexpensive steps:
1. keep the color tied to the shades and hues of the tropical seas. For me sea foam or emerald green are the quintessential base colors of the tropics, so I gravitate to those hues.

2. some simple wood or wicker, Asian style, furniture. Can't go wrong with Thai furniture.

3. some high end towels and bed linens. I will stick to the whites. 

4. candle holders and lanterns

and the most important and yet the cheapest trick in the book

5. large leaf green foliage plants

6. orchid plant or plants in cool but simple pottery holders

Ok -- it will not turn a small apartment into to this ...
Dusit Thani

 ... but it is a good start.

Then to keep you happy, bring the aroma of the tropics to your home and body:

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 Have a great day, friends! XOXO Mimi


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