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Home Decor: Bohemian style my way in Five Easy and Budget-friendly Steps

Bohemian is a major trend in fashion this year and fashion trends naturally get their tentacles into home decor. 

Bohemian magical bedroom
Three things about Boho home revamp makes it a winning proposition. First, the good part about Bohemian style is that there are no rules -- it is that meandering, free spirit, everything-goes attitude, that really makes it special. Second, the whole purpose is to mix and match, so at its very core Boho style defies matchy-match approach to re-decorating. And third, since it relies on mixing old and new it is a perfect  way to revamp your space on a budget using what you have as a base.

 A Gallery of Bohemian Bedrooms

Bohemian magical bedroom

A Gallery of Bohemian Bedrooms

Now, going all-in bohemian or gypsy is not my speed but I sure like to spice up my decors with some flair. Be it  a boho chair, a fabulous pouffe, or a mix and match collection of pillows on a shabby chic white sofa, they all have the miraculous power to turn a drab room into a relaxing oasis. Now if you want to go all in on a Boho look,the key is to keep to these five easy steps:

STEP One.  Find an ethnic rug. It is nice way to cover up your existing flooring, if there is not much to show there. Places like  World Market, Pier One Imports, or your local imports stores are a great places to look for.

STEP Two. Take a stock of your throw pillows and keep the colorful ones you still like. Then add some extra in various shapes, textures, and colors.

STEP Three. If you do not have one, get some low furnitures (i.e side tables, coffe table, small sofa, buffet, chests,) in wood that is either pained, stained, or has a natural finish. The more rustic and unpolished, the better.  One or two pieces is the most you will need.

STEP Four. Buy old frames from your local thrift store and hang your photos, posters, and paintings, other collectibles ALL on one wall. The 'gallery wall' is a great way to make a space distinctive and opens up a small space. Do not place any furniture against that wall.

STEP Five. Decor elements are a key. Get some metal lanterns, candle holders, trays, ethnic masks, wood carvings, etc. that you like and position them strategically.

Now, this is not a step, it is a must: you cannot pull off a Boho home decor without hanging some planters with lush green plants.

laurie's charming cottage

Here are some great pieces at very reasonable prices

Give it a try! XOXO Mimi

(the photos in this post were found on pinterest or polyvore. all efforts were made to linkback to the original source. If, however, proper attribution was not made please let us know and we will make the necessary corrections)

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